VMware VCDX Enterprise Administration Exam

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I finally received an email this afternoon from VMware in regards to the VCDX exam, it finally sounds like they’ve gotten it straightened out with Pearson VUE on how it will work.  Not to mention they are asking me to schedule a time to take the Exam!

Basically you need to be invited to take the VCDX Exam. The VCDX certification is a multi-step process, most importantly you will need to be a VCP 3.x (those of you who are still VCP in 2.5 will need to take the VCP3 test).  Then you will need to take the VCDX Qualification Review (link), this is then reviewed by the VMware Education department.  Upon their approval they will coordinate with you a scheduled time to take the VCDX Enterprise Administration Exam – when you complete and pass that you then take the Design Exam then finally after all that you present and defend a successful VMware Infrastructure design and implementation plan.  All of these steps can be found on the VMware website (link).

So most of us already know the steps, but what we didn’t know is how it was going to work.  From the look of it today (based on the email I received), once VMware approves you for the first step (VCDX Enterprise Administration Exam) they will coordinate a time and place for you to take it.  Unlike the VCP exam you cannot contact Pearson VUE directly, this must be done by VMware.

One other thing I’ve been hearing is that there will only be around 40 VCDX’s initially, and secondly the final step of where you present a design and defend it–this is done in front of a panel of VCDX’s, of which you will join upon successful completion of the VCDX certification.

More information can be found “here” – or by emailing [email protected]

Also, Duncan over at Yellow-Bricks.com posted a very good study guide for the VCDX Admin Exam, which is actually from a VMTN posting by Peter van den Bosch. It can be found here.