Lots of New Exciting Things Happened This Week

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Hey people, sorry the site hasn’t been as active as it has in the past, I wanted to at least provide you with a weekly update.  As most of you know, I’m the Technical Editor for Scott Lowe’s upcoming book, this has taken up a good majority of my free time. Also things are crazy busy in local government right now, I’ve been working 50-60 hour weeks.  This hasn’t left me with much free time to do anything.  I haven’t signed on to Twitter in a couple days, I missed this weeks VMTN Roundtable… I feel so out of the loop!

So, first off was the product review and demo I was suppose to do of Rove Mobile Admin, more information on this can be found here.

Then there was the announcement Cisco finally made on Project California, now officially their Unified Computing System (UCS).  This is a big jump for Cisco, getting into the x86 blade server market and teaming up with VMware to provide virtualization…none of this is really any “new” news, but it is now official. I wonder who is OEM’ing their server hardware, I wonder if they’re a contender in the purchase of Sun Microsystems?   What about the possibility of Cisco purchasing EMC?  This is something they’ve been saying for over 4 years now,

Speaking of purchases, Sun Microsystems is up for grabs, it appears that IBM may want a piece of that pie…my guess, most likely for MySQL and the newer technologies in Solaris 10 (ZFS, DTrace).  I forsee a purchase of Sun by IBM, say goodbye to SPARC, StorageTek and Solaris.  Say hello to MySQL (by IBM), Novell SUSE Linux (with ZFS and DTrace support).   If you didn’t know, IBM has invested greatly in Novell SUSE, I think they see that RISC is going away and x86 Virtualization is the new mainframe. IBM is going to focus on their x86 offerings, including SUSE, Virtualization and MySQL…and also their strong relationship with NetApp for their OEM’d storage products.   But, this is I.T. and things change daily…and after all, this is only speculation :)

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