The Things You’ll Find When You Google Yourself

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My boss asked me today to provide a list of things I’ve done the past year for my upcoming performance review.  I typed up all I knew off the top of my head, but I decided to do a Google Search on my name to see what it comes back with.  To my surprise I found a interview that Gartner did of me a few months back in regards to virtualization and storage. What’s funny is that it feels like I did this years ago and that everything I mention is such old and outdated technology! 

Check it out for yourself, hope you enjoy it!  Here is the abstract and link to view it;

DataCenter Virtualization: Why You Need It and Best Practices for Success

Server virtualization has fast become the way to cut costs. If you are interested in maximizing the benefits of virtualized servers and extending those benefits toward storage, then check out this new program now.

In this program you will learn how server virtualization:

  • Can save you money
  • Help with server sprawl
  • Free up data center space
  • Support your x86 server architecture
  • Enhance disaster recovery
  • Provide dynamic flexibility
  • Allow for rapid deployment
  • You will hear experts from featured analyst firm, Gartner, Inc., and industry experts from NetApp, and San Diego Data Processing Corporation discuss:

  • The reasons your organization should choose server virtualization for storage.
  • The benefits server virtualization can bring to your company.
  • The objectives your company can achieve with server virtualization.
  • Plus you’ll have access to a number of case studies, white papers and other supporting materials, which will be interesting and useful to you as you make the move towards virtualization.

    See for yourself. Check out this new program now and learn more.