SAP Virtualization Week is About to Begin

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Even though I will not be actively blogging about SAP Virtualization Week, I did want to share one post with a welcome video. Those those of you that did not know, SAP Virtualization Week is conveniently occurring the same week as the VMware vSphere launch.  I will be speaking at the SAP conference on Wednesday but wanted to check out a couple of the sessions on Monday and Tuesday.  This is not a traditional conference (like VMworld), this is all happening within a single room at the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Palo Alto, it looks like there is room for about 125-150 visitors and each session will be occurring consecutively.

My session will be on Wednesday at 4:00pm PST, my topic will be on how The City of San Diego is utilizing virutalization for their SAP deployment.

Like I said, I will not be actively blogging, but be sure to check my Twitter updates as I post pictures and comments about SAP Virtualization Week 2009. #SAPVW