Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 have been RTM

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Many of you know that I’m not the biggest Microsoft fan, however some announcements today will definitely create some waves so I feel that all of my readers must be informed.

Big announcement today from Microsoft, their long awaited next generation desktop operating system Windows Vista R2 (more commonly known as Windows 7) and server operating system Windows 2008 R2 have been released to manufacturing.

The biggest enhancements to Windows 2008 are to Hyper-V, along with the addition of 240 cmdlets to Powershell and another upgrade to IIS. Additional information on the Windows 2008 R2 RTM can be found here.

For a lot of companies, Windows 7 might actually be a bigger announcement than Windows 2008 R2.  Windows 7 will most likely be the next biggest upgrade to desktop PCs in the enterprise. A good majority of companies have avoided upgrading to Windows Vista due to problems in its initial release, that mixed with the bad press Vista has received since day one have kept a majority of the Fortune 500 on Windows XP. More information on the Windows 7 RTM can be found here.