VCDX, VMworld and Consulting…Oh My!

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Just wanted to write a brief post apologizing to my readers for the lack of updates the past week or two.  Many of you know that I passed my VCDX Design Exam,  so that means I must submit my application for defense (by Friday!)—this has pretty much taken up 75% of the past week, leaving the other 25% to finish up my VMworld presentations (3 of them) and still maintain a full time job!

Well, the end is near… I’ve finished my VMworld presentations and my VCDX Defense Application will be completed by tomorrow evening….that means starting fresh on Monday morning I’ll be back in action and updating the site as much as possible!

Thank you for continuing to make this site grow! If it wasn’t for my avid readers, I wouldn’t be doing this.

Rick Scherer

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