VMworld 2009 – Ask the Experts (TA2259) Recap

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First of all, thank you to our excellent panel; Duncan Epping, Tom Howarth, Scott Lowe and Chad Sakac.

The response I’ve received from our attendees has been amazing.  It quite possibly was the best session at VMworld 2009!   Don’t worry, I’ll be pushing extra hard to get this session back for 2010!  Perhaps a Super Session?

Amongst the most valuable sessions at VMworld 2009 for me this year was the Ask the Experts sessions.


One thing that amazed me is how we basically closed VMworld,  our repeat session did not end until 6:15pm on Thursday – pretty much when the union A/V workers started unplugging equipment!

Chad Sakac so graciously posted both sessions in video format on his website, so instead of recapping the entire session (both of them) on here, go check out the videos on his website here.

So thats pretty much it, I had a great time at VMworld and finishing it with the Ask the Experts panel was great!  I’d love to have the other four panelists back next year and don’t forget to look for it on the 2010 schedule!

Also if you haven’t already, check out Duncan’s linkage list.  Tons of great links to VMworld 2009 feedback!