Chapter 3 – A New Beginning…

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The first decade of a new century of a new millennium has recently ended.

The past ten years have been the most challenging, painful and yet most rewarding in my entire life. I’ve lost many friends, but I’ve gained many new ones. I’ve lost love, but have found new love that is deeper than ever before. I’ve found a greater respect for family and being together. I’ve also seen the world reach an all time high, then crash lower than it ever has before.

All of the situations, feelings and things that someone would normally endure over a lifetime, I’ve experienced in 10 short years.

Recently I’ve had to make a number of life changing decisions. Decisions that not only affect me, but will also affect my family, friends and a number of other people. Decisions that people typically handle one at a time.

For me, this was all thrown in my face at once.

One of the most stressful things to do in ones life, purchase a home, almost got the best of me. But, with a big sigh of relief we have recently closed escrow on a beautiful new home (two weeks later than we should have, adding additional unwanted stress to the situation). Now we get to choose carpet, paint, appliances and all of the other great things that home-ownership brings.

So, enter the second piece of the puzzle. For the past 8 years I’ve enjoyed a great position as a Solutions Architect in local government. In these past years, I’ve grown as a person as well as a professional. The things I’ve learned and the friends I’ve made will last a lifetime, but, it is time for me to continue to grow as a professional and take the next leap in my career.

Starting on February 1st, I will become an employee of EMC Corporation. I will be joining fellow bloggers such as Scott Lowe and Ed Saipetch, working as a VCE Architect in Southern California.  As Scott mentioned in his blog, this change in employment will not affect the blog in any way. In fact, it’ll let me blog even more as I’ll be reporting on exciting things coming out of the lab and in the industry in general.

It will be extremely hard leaving all that I have with my current employer, but like I said, this will be an enormous leap for my career and family. I want to thank everyone that has coached me along the way and the friendships that were made. I hope we can continue to work together in the future and continue to keep in touch.

As you can see, quite a bit of change all happening at once. Now that it is behind me I feel that a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and I am excited to see what this new decade will bring.

Hello 2010…

Hello New Home…

Hello New Opportunity!

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