The Cloud…now closer than ever!

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Today VMware announced the intent to release vCloud Connector before the end of Q1 as a free download to it’s vSphere customers. So what is vCloud Connector you ask? Well, it is a huge leap forward in making the Hybrid Cloud concept a reality. vCloud Connector is a plug-in that you install into your vSphere Client, it will allow you to easily move your virtual machines from your local/trusted/secure datacenter (Private Cloud) to the dynamic/scalable/on-demand Public Cloud while never leaving the vSphere Client, in fact you can still manage those virtual machines that moved over!

VMware vCloud Datacenter Services are available now through US-based BlueLock, pan-European service provider Colt, and via beta from global service provider Verizon. VMware vCloud Datacenter partners Terremark (soon to be Verizon) and SingTel offer cloud services based on VMware technology today and are developing vCloud Datacenter services as well.

So there you have it people, The Cloud is now going to be closer than ever! Now with that said, wouldn’t you want to run your Private Cloud on the same architecture that the Public Cloud providers are using? Many companies are looking at Vblock powered solutions for their own Private Clouds because they know that a lot of the Public Cloud offerings being brought on-line are also running on Vblock technology. Learn more about it here.

To the cloud! (haha sorry, just had to do it…those new Microsoft ads just make me laugh because of how confused their making consumers – just like this guys wife in the commercial)