VMworld 2011 Madness

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144 Bottles of Water, 48 Cans of Monster Lo-Carb, 50 Bags of Single Serve Chips, 270 Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers, 144 Bottles of 5-Hour Energy and 300 Oreo Cookies (unfortunately there has been no accurate count of alcoholic beverage)… that is how VMworld started for some of the members of the vSpecialist Organization within EMC on Thursday.

Actually, Über teams within the vSpecialist organization at EMC started months ago with a strategic plan to cause peoples minds to literally explode from all of the awesome-sauce VMware and EMC will jointly deliver the week of VMworld 2011. This includes a huge EMC core booth with 13 VDI enabled workstations showing the latest and great products, there is also a separate EMC vLabs booth that will have 15 workstations that will allow attendees to use and abuse 11 different products within the EMC family. This is all in addition to the EMC focused lab, which is located within the official VMworld Hands on Labs (which by the way are powered by EMC technology) inside the Solutions Exchange.

Needless to say, there have been endless hours already spent by the team (of absolute rockstars) to ensure the best experience possible for the attendees of VMworld 2011. The sessions, labs, solutions exchange, TweetUps, parties and ability to network with your vPeers makes this show undoubtedly the best information technology show of the year.

There are about 20 of us here, from around the global, working diligently on getting everything up and running as well as testing for usability/stress and for an overall great experience. The countdown officially started yesterday afternoon and we have until Sunday afternoon (3 full days) to make sure everything is 100%. So, what about after Sunday? Will we get to just sit by the pool, sipping on some tasty margaritas? Well, I’m hoping to have at least 30 minutes of that sometime this trip, but what about the other 107.5 hours of VMworld?

So here is my schedule, full of great sessions, fun networking opportunities, awesome parties and completely slammed….boy I love VMworld!

VMworld Session
VMworld General Session
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So there you go… A week full of events, sessions, general sessions, parties, vTweetUps and more. This is going to be an amazing week.  I can’t wait to see some old vFriends and to meet some new ones!

Be sure to find me while at the show, I may even give you a special gift :)  There is a scavenger hunt we’re doing while at VMworld called the #vHunt, so be sure to keep an eye out on Twitter for the details.

Sunday, August 28th
7:00pm EMC Charity v0dgeball 2011
Sport Center of Las Vegas
121 East Sunset Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119
If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!</p>

This event should be great fun for a great cause.

Come see teams from EMC, Juniper, NetApp, VMware, VCE, Dell, HP and Cisco come battle it out.

A $5 donation fee is suggested and appreciated. All proceeds go to The Wounded Warriors Project.

If you cannot attend but would still like to donate, click here to donate.</td> </tr>

7:00pm VMunderground Party 2011
Nine Fine Irishmen
New York/New York Hotel and Casino
3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
In its fifth year of existance, the VMunderground Party is the fastest party out of all of the festivities all week. Put together by guys who love virtualization and some great sponsors that are down for the cause. This is the Mother of All vBeers, a party not to be missed.
10:00pm vTweetUp
In and Out Burger
4888 Dean Martin Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Quite possibly the first official vTweetUp will be on Sunday night at In and Out Burger. For those of your from the East Coast you may not want to miss this opportunity for some dericious [sic] burgers!
Monday, August 29th
11:00am VSP3205 – Technology Preview: VMware vStorage APIs for VM and Application Granular Data Management
Lando 4201
1:00pm VSP1956 – VMworld ESXi Quiz Show
Unknown Room
2:00pm BCO3420 – Avoiding the 16 Biggest High-Availability and Distributed Resource Scheduler….
Venetian Ballroom G
3:00pm General Session
Paul Maritz’s opening keynote for VMworld 2011
5:00pm Welcome Reception
Food, Drinks and Networking….all inside the Solutions Exchange.
Be sure to check out the EMC Booth (#1101) and the EMC vLabs Booth!
7:30pm VMworld Official vTweetUp
V-Bar inside The Venetian Hotel and Casino
8:00pm vGeekfest Party
Moon inside the Palms Hotel and Casino
4321 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Awesome party hosted by Chad Sakac and the vSpecialist Team,
meet the team at a party you will not want to miss.
11:00pm VMwareTips.com vTweetUp
Vesper inside The Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
This is my official vTweetUp, the Vesper is an amazing bar inside of The Cosmopolitan.
Come meet up with some other vNuts and perhaps you may get a special gift!
Tuesday, August 30th
8:00am General Session
Steve Herrod, CTO of VMware, will be presenting his keynote to the VMworld 2011 audience.
10:00am SUP1006 – Accelerate the Journey to Your Cloud
Palazzo Ballroom D
Come see President and COO of EMC, Pat Gelsinger, deliver his keynote during this VMworld Super Session. Also come for Chad’s World Live, where Chad Sakac will be showing some awesome things EMC has been working on.
12:00pm VSP1425 – Ask the Expert vBloggers
Lido 3004
Come to this panel session where you’re the focus point of discussion! You ask the questions and the experts answer them, live on stage. Come have @frankdenneman, @duncan_yb, @scott_lowe, @sakacc and @rick_vmwaretips answer your questions!
1:30pm vTweetUp with Chad Sakac
EMC Booth #1101
2:30pm SPO3977 – Next-Generation Storage and Backup for Your Cloud
San Polo 3501
4:00pm CIM2452 – VMware vCenter Operations Technical Deepdive
Venetian Ballroom E
5:30pm vTweetUp with VCE
Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Bar
Palazzo Hotel and Casino
7:00pm EMC Party
Surrender inside the Wynn Hotel and Casino
3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
9:00pm Wyse Party
Marquee inside The Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Wednesday, August 31st
8:00am VSP2376 – Performance and Scalability Enhancements in vStorage VMFS 5
Venetian Ballroom E
9:30am VSP2227 – VMware vCenter Database Architecture, Performance and Troubleshooting
Delfino 4001
11:00am VSP3867 – Top 10 Virtualization Support Issues
Marcello 4504
1:30pm vTweetUp with Chuck Hollis of EMC
EMC Booth #1101
2:30pm LAS4014 – EMC Partner Hands-on Lab Design, Development and Implementation
Marcello 4504
Come learn how EMC designed their portion of the VMworld Hands on Labs
4:00pm VSP2384 – Distributed Datacenters with Multiple vCenter Deployments: Best Practices
Venetian Ballroom G
7:00pm VMworld 2011 Party
The party of the year! This year VMware brings The Killers to rock-out VMworld 2011
11:00pm vStogies
Rhumbar inside The Mirage Hotel and Casino
3400 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
vTweetUp event at the Rhumbar, where you can get your stogie and a smooth cognac.
Thursday, September 1st
9:00am General Session
VMware CMO, Rick Jackson, presents his keynote along with some special guests.
11:00am EUC2692 – Rethinking Storage for Virtual Desktops
San Polo 3404
12:30pm SEC1747 – Desktop Security Zones with VMware View and vShield App
Murano 3203