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Things are in full swing for EMC World 2014.  The venue is paid for, sessions are selected and content being tweaked, and tons of other fun/exciting things are being worked on.  Now this is where you come in.

Chad Sakac recently blasted a post asking for your input on what we do with our Hands-On Lab experience at the conference.  Instead of re-writing what he’s already said, I’ll just include it here for your review.

There’s something really exciting we are doing for the first time this year and need your input to make it as valuable for YOU (EMCers, EMC Partners, Customers) as possible.

For the last three years, as any of you EMC World veterans will know, we have run very successful Hands-On Labs at the show.  As successful as the labs have been, we heard your feedback from last year. This year we are going to introduce Guided Labs as part of the overall Hands-On Labs experience.

So, what’s a guided vLab I hear you ask?  Well, you could look at it as being somewhere between your standard self-paced Hands-On lab and Instructor-Led Training.  Every attendee will get their own terminal with their very own lab but rather than just take the lab yourself without necessarily getting any context or having the ability to easily ask questions, there will be an instructor in the room providing that context, walking through the lab exercises with you and answering any questions you might have.  This is a really great opportunity for you to really get some time with the subject matter experts across our various products and solutions.

Of course the next question becomes: “how do we know what you would like to see as sessions in the guided labs?”

Here’s where we need your to help.  We’ve got a bunch of options already in the mix for these guided labs but need you to tell us which ones you want to see at the show.  Below is a link to a poll with 21 different labs we have come up with.  We would like you to take that poll and pick your top 5 preferences.  Based on your input, that’s what we will put in play at the show.  This survey is only going to be open for a week so get your mouse clicking and get voting!

(BTW – EMC World stuff is in full flight, including some off-the wall ideas)

Thanks for your input and I hope to see you in Las Vegas!