NetApp Battles the Competition

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In a clever marketing video NetApp produced (in house), NTAP takes on DD and e2 in an 8 Mile style rap battle. This was quite entertaining, thanks for the 4 minute break from a stressful day NetApp!

Special thanks to Dr. Dedup for posting the link to this video, I would’ve never seen it otherwise!

Dedupe Rap Video Lyrics

Been in the game since you was wearing pampers

You couldn’t crack my reputation with a sledgehammer

Every back-up is verified

Max-capacity 600 terabytes

My portfolio is so thick

Your gonna need a booster chair to sit on top of it

NTAP take a seat

You’re now rockin’ with the beast from the east

Double D

It’s Double D’s turn to hit the track,

You’re still using tape… what’s up with that?

That’s so 1990.

Need a real back up you can call me

You see the scoreboard check it

I process over 2 gigs a second

There’s a new kid on the block

Double D – I’m gunning for the top spot


Put your hands up for N-E-T if you wanna De-Dupe say A-P-P

Put your hands up for N-E-T if you wanna De-Dupe say A-P-P

It’s obvious you got stage fright

Couldn’t save a txt file with Giga-byte

Your whole process is sloppy

We save Zeta-bytes he save floppy’s

Lack reliability when you copy

This guy bought himself into the technology

We perfected it

Customer solutions so effortless

De-Dupe – Backup – Recovery

Mass capacity – with Real scalability

You still living in the 70’s

No direct tape FC connectivity

Self-tuning the remedy

Your VTL software are you kidding me?

Limited – outdated

Need space? Ntap will duplicate it

Proliferate data call me

It’s so easy to use I could probably

Teach you and your crew

You-you and you

How to use it

Before we get to the end of the music

Music cuts off and he finishes…

Feel free

Pick a side, them or me

I’m superior to E2 and Double D

Go ahead doubt me

I don’t care, my technology

Crunch data anywhere