VMware vSphere 4.0 – Configuration Maximums

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A lot of information about the upcoming 4.0 release of VMware’s Enterprise Virtualization product, vSphere, has been released at VMworld Europe 2009.  I’d like to share some of the exciting new capabilities in this upcoming release.

**Virtual Machine Maximums

** Virtual CPUs per Virtual Machine – 8

Size of RAM per Virtual Machine – 255GB

NICs per Virtual Machine – 10

**ESX Host Maximums

** Hosts per Cluster – 32

NFS Datastores per Host – 64

Virtual Machines per Host – 256

Physical CPUs per Host – 64

Logical Processors per Host – 64

Total Cores per Cluster – 4096

Virtual CPUs per Core – 20

Size of RAM per Host – 512GB

Total RAM per Cluster – 32TB

Maximum Network Throughput – 40GB/s (Maximum of 4-10GbE Network Cards per ESX Host)

Not including the above we’re also going to get Fault Tolerance, VM Safe, vNetwork Distributed Switch, vShield Zones, vCenter CapacityIQ, vCenter Data Recovery, vCenter ConfigControl, vCenter Orchestrator, vCenter Chargeback and vCenter AppSpeed.

I completely agree with the statement Paul Maritz made during General Session of VMworld Europe 2009 that, “vSphere will let firms virtualize all of their workloads”.  Bravo VMware…Bravo.